Thursday, August 17, 2017

Revamping the pedal board

Monochrome Seasons did a video recently on the subject of “pedal addiction”, and it really struck home with me, and I posted to say, “I'm with you”, and that I was going to quit the “perfect pedals search”. Stop looking at pedal videos. Play more music. Well, that was OK for a while, but I found myself not happy with my rig and constantly fretting about it. So yesterday, I bit the bullet, got out the camera and took all my “unacceptable” pedals off my board to sell on eBay, and gave myself permission to replace them with whatever I want (within reason!).
Here's what I'm selling:
Source Audio LA Lady overdrive (Neuro app, see below).
MXR Carbon Copy delay (Timeline made this unnecessary.)
Ibanez Tube Screamer (so noisy!)
Boss RV-6 reverb (Big Sky made this unnecessary.)
TC Electronic Flashback Triple delay (Timeline, El Cap, Dig made this unnecessary. I know “it's all in the ears”, but to mine, the Strymon sounds are more inspiring than the Flashback. No knock on the Flashback pedal, it's actually incredible, especially for the price.)
MXR Custom Comp compressor (dunno, just didn't do it for me.)
And maybe the Source Audio Nemesis delay, (which I will cry over if I let it go. It's fabulous, but Timeline again.)
The Strymon Big Sky reverb is phenomenal; I'm totally happy with it in the reverb department. I'll keep the Neunaber Immerse because it's a handy simple reverb with very sweet sounds and I've memorized the settings so it's easy to dial in a reverb quickly (for a quick hit of shimmer, say). Plus I can keep a “Neunaber Wet” setting as my “base sound”, and free up the Big Sky for specific reverb sounds.
I bought a Strymon Sunset overdrive and a Strymon OB.1 compressor. Both primarily because I love the Strymon sound, and because I hope (pray) they are dead quiet. Haven't heard them yet, (other than youTube demos).
On my wish-list is an all-around modulation pedal, and I'm thinking of the Strymon Mobius.
It seems that I just love the Strymon products; I know they are pricey, but hey, this is important stuff! And I'm really unhappy with annoying (to me) smartphone apps and cables (Neuro and Toneprints); pedal designers, please give me the editing I need right on the pedal and give me a bunch of pre-sets for storage, (hello Strymon).

Sorry for the lengthy post, and an apology in advance for offending those who love these pedals. I bought each of them after extensive research and positive reviews from trusted sources. It's like a divorce where the guy is saying, “It's not you, honey, it's me!”

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