Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Two New Additions to board

Well, these two Strymons just arrived for my board today and I've got to say, I am totally impressed. I've only played with them for an hour or so, but here's what I think. The OB.1 compressor (replacing the MXR Custom Comp) hits the mark. First, it's dead quiet. It's analog; not sure what the implications of that are, but it only draws 20ma which is weird. My chief complaint of many pedals is noise, and it's dead quiet, did I mention that? I couldn't get the MXR CC to give me the sustain and compression I wanted without introducing noise into the circuit, which is not OK in any case, much less being first in the chain. It's got a simple boost switch, which is also quiet, to warmly bump up the signal if I need it. Major improvement to the board.

Next, the Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive. Going back, I'm replacing an Ibanez Tube Screamer, which already was on the shelf having been replaced by the Source Audio LA Lady. The TS was ridiculously noisy; who could play ambient music with this cacophony of hiss? I must've believed the wrong review. The LA Lady wasn't too noisy, but I could never dial in the right sound with the right level, and it required futzing around with the smartphone Neuro app, and well, I'm sure some of you guys could get nice sounds out of the LA Lady, (Chords of Orion, for instance,) I couldn't. The Sunset is a dream. It has two overdrive circuits and 4 of the 6 settings are very, very quiet. And they produce a bunch of really nice, warm, thick overdrive sounds, which I think are perfect for my style. If you want a rocker's overdrive, this is definitely not the pedal for you. And it's quiet...
The board went through a major improvement today; the bank account, not so much.

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