Monday, July 10, 2017

From Zero to Stereo Pedalboard

OK, so 8 months ago I decided to try ambient guitar after 40 years of other kinds of guitar playing. I had an acoustic, a Strat and two amps, but no pedals. I went into this thing full bore, and frankly, with a "spare-no-expense" attitude. I bought, over this time, about 12 pedals, two loopers, a pedalboard, cables, a baritone guitar, whatever. I think right now I have the perfect setup :) I'm trying to deal with GAS of course, but really, I've got a killer board and guitars and all I need to make the music I want. OK, bottom line, I spent $4,200. And I already had two amps and mics and odds-and-ends I could use. I've attached a spreadsheet of all the stuff I bought:
I wrote a post recently titled: Ambient Guitar Startup On A $400 Budget, which I still stand by. Here's the link: I've actually done in the last 8 months is the opposite end of the spectrum: Ambient Guitar Startup On An Unlimited Budget. I've got an 11 year old car, no other hobbies, and a very supportive wife. Sometimes you just gotta go for it!


  1. Well, I suppose if you can afford it, why not!? Mine's more toward the $400 range and while my quality is not at the level of some of those pedals, I've avoided the 8 hour signal chain sleuthing as well. ;c) That RC-300 though - that's definitely something I'd like to get my hands on! It's funny though, my JAMMAN Delay, which they don't make anymore, seems to be the only thing I've seen that allows me to quickly sync my delay to my loop and I use that feature a LOT. I'd have a hard time giving that up, and the RC-300 takes up enough real estate that it should probably have its own zip code! Sure looks like fun though!!!

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