Thursday, February 1, 2018

El Capistan Sound-On-Sound: A new piece by whispersinspace

Night, Sleep: Next Stop, Tomorrow This is an exercise in the Sound-On-Sound (looping) feature of the Strymon El Capistan, which I absolutely love. The El Cap Repeats are set to about 11 o'clock, which means it will decay to inaudible in about 45 seconds. It's all in the key of F, and there's no metronome; the time is loose. First I laid down a roughly 12 second loop of a Gm drone and added some melody notes in Gm. Halfway-ish through the decay, I overlaid a loop of Am with some Am
melody notes. Halfway through that decay I added a C7 layer. Then a Dm layer, then an Em7b5 layer. All, key of F chords.
At 2:54 I slipped in a Bm7b5 layer for some dissonance. And finally, an FMaj layer, (feels like "home" doesn't it?).
It's all about the El Cap delay. I used its primary and secondary settings to give the cleanest loops possible (but with tape, it's still kinda dirty,) and I added a 3dB boost because it's pretty quiet. I kept the note-playing to really minimalist, letting the El Cap do the work.
It's all guitar music; no overdubs, one complete take.
Here's a link to the YouTube channel: Night, Sleep: Next Stop, Tomorrow

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