Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Thoughts on pedal placement in chain

My current pedal sequence is: 
Guitar -> Compression -> Distortion -> PitchShift -> Mobius -> Volume pedal -> looper -> Neunaber Immerse Delay -> Delays (4) -> BigSky w/Cab Filter -> Interface
So I get a reverb before and after delays.
Looper in front of delay/reverb is what I generally do, so I get a clean loop (no detectable change when it ends/starts.) Sometimes move it to the end and use a light delay/reverb and can still get a clean loop. That way is good because then I can change the effects on the live guitar while the loop still plays the effects I recorded for the loop. Reverb is the prime destroyer of a clean loop. I can get away with a little Delay on a loop. Maybe a little reverb, but not much.And I like to capture the distortion and modulation BEFORE the looper. Those effects don't mess with the "clean-ness" of the loop. So I capture those effects cleanly on the first loop. Then I can change the distortion and modulation for the next layer that I want to put on top of the first. Etc.
A good looper is important for me (drones, swelled chords, layers). The Timeline has a good, although rudimentary, looper. Allows you to record the loop "before the Timeline effects" or "after the Timeline effects". If you set it on "after", then you can set Global parameter to let the loop continue to play after you turn it off, then change the Timeline's delay engine for instance, and get your live guitar played through the new setting. That's pretty cool and useful. Unfortunately, I can't get the loop to "fade out"; maybe with a MIDI controller you can do that. (There's a night of experimenting right there!)

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