Monday, July 3, 2017

Noise reduction in Audacity

Monochrome Seasons posted a video ( about using a plug-in called Z-Noise. It's very sophisticated and lists for $99. Unfortunately, Z-Noise does not plug into Audacity. I know Audacity is a “low end” DAW, well, it's free, but I use it for all my sound editing. I bought Reaper a couple of years ago, but never took the time to really get comfortable with it and wound up being frustrated and went back to Audacity where I can do most everything I want without having to figure it out forever. Anyway, I did a test of Audacity's Noise Reduction effect and I posted it here:
It's 8 seconds of raw ambient guitar using Strymon's Big Sky Bloom, followed by that same piece after Audacity Noise Reduction. Is it perfect? I don't know, you guys out there judge. But it conforms to my philosophy of “Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good”; (thank you Voltaire). For me, it's good enough and I'll use it on my recorded pieces as long as it serves me.

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