Sunday, July 2, 2017

Going Stereo!

Going Stereo!I've taken the plunge into stereo after watching Monochrome Seasons' convincing Pedalboard tip. I was running a mono rig with about 8 pedals, a volume pedal, two loopers, and one amp. I do have a second amp so I didn't need to buy any amps. To add the second amp to the rig, here's what I had to buy: 1) two 1/4" TRS male to dual 1/4" TS female cables ($7 each, $4 shipping: $18 total). I bought these from the Strymon online store to turn my Dig and El Capistan into stereo; seven new effect patch cables (about $18 each, $128 total); two Spectraflex Instrument Cables ($30 each, $60 total); so that's $206, which is like Antoine said, about the cost of some mid-priced pedal. I already own a second mic and cable but I did order a new mic boom and mic clip for amp recording, ($40), so I've got the recording side of it covered. No doubt there will be some odds-and-ends that I'll need but for now, I just need to wait for this stuff to arrive to set it all up. I'll post again when I have some results. Here's a link to Monochrome Seasons Pedaltips demoing stereo vs mono: 

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