Monday, May 22, 2017

What am I working on?

I've got a few tunes under development:
1) Monochrome Seasons Ambient Sketch # 7 cover, (Monochrome Seasons version). This is a nice chord progression in Bb with three "layers." It ends with a bluesy, dirty solo guitar over the swelling chords.
2) A tune inspired by Chords Of Orion's Ambient Guitar Meditation 17-10, (click here for COR versionChords Of Orion version). It combines ambient, swelled chords, then transitions into a driving dotted-eighths, pulsing rhythmic thing.
3) A tune that starts with a layer of 8 bars, 2xCMaj7, 2xAm, Dm, Am, 2xG7. They I add a layer of swelled chords, then a layer of gritty single not harmony, then a layer of melody. I've set the first track to fade out when I turn it off. Then play the melody layer just over the remaining tracks. The work here is to be able to play it through without fumbling too much with the pedals, and to play layer after layer without a lot of dead time. 
BTW: I received permission from both artists in #1 and #2 above to record a version of their tune. Thanks guys!
I hope to have a video of both these tunes by June 5!

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