Friday, February 17, 2017

Boss RV-6 Reverb pedal

This pedal is driving me nuts. I love it, but I can't get the noise down to a tolerable level. I've run power directly from the power strip (as opposed to from my Pedal Power 4 x 4). Still static and hum, bigtime. Today I'm going to plug the guitar right into the RV-6 and then into the amp and see what happens. Seems like the static comes on and off depending upon what other pedals are on/off. Strange. The Neunaber Immerse reverb is dead quiet, regardless of the state of the other pedals. I've got a mystery to solve today.

Later: Update.... No worries. I tested it alone and zero noise. I added it back to the signal chain, changed the connector cables, moved it around, and everything is fine. Very, very little noise. Totally acceptable. Not sure what is causing intermittent noise, but I'm not going to worry about it. Love my pedal!

Update April 2017: Since buying the Neunaber Immerse Reverberator I've taken this RV-6 out of my board. First, at this point, I don't need
two reverbs. When I do, I'll put it back on my board. Just keeps the board simpler and keeps me from over-thinking my sound too much. Plus there are really no sounds on this pedal that the Immerse doesn't have. And finally, and mostly, the Immerse just sounds better. Much better. If I compare "hall" vs "hall", or whatever similar reverbs, the Immerse sounds more organic, less digital, more full. I can't describe it too well, but "better" covers it pretty much. The RV-6 isn't bad, by any means, and at half the price of the Immerse, it's a great pedal.

Update May 21, 2017: To be fair, this pedal had nothing to do with the noise in my signal chain. The cables were the cause of all the hum and noise. Cheap, crappy cables....shame on me... So, not problem with the RV-6 on that account. Apologies.

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